In Mississippi, any companies who employ five or more workers are required by law to purchase workers' compensation insurance.  While most businesses are compliant, a growing number of companies are failing to meet this basic and important requirement.  It should be noted that failure to maintain workers' compensation insurance when required is a criminal offense in Mississippi.

In any state, when a worker is injured on the job and their employer has failed to secure comp insurance a complicated and often disastrous set of events begins.  The negative effects to companies are only trumped by the serious harm suffered by the injured worker.  Resolution of this specific subset of workers' comp claims calls for the assistance of an attorney skilled in handling workers' compensation claims.  Many lawyers that regularly assist injured workers or handle personal injury matters shy away from these type of cases.  

The lawyers at Pollan Dobbs have handled numerous cases of this sort and have found creative solutions that benefit the injured worker first and also serve the interest of the employer to a limited extent.  Cases where workers have been hurt on the job and no insurance is present are complicated and rife with potential pitfalls not normally present in a run of the mill workers' comp claim.

From determining whether to pursue the claim inside or outside of the administrative process to negotiating with companies who threaten to file bankruptcy, it is essential that injured workers make the right choice when selecting their advocate.  Our firm has helped many injured workers as well as attorneys who have referred us these type of cases and each time we have worked to secure a favorable result for all involved.