In state after state, Workers' Comp changes often means shoddy treatment for injured workers.  Calls for so-called 'reform' come as employers are paying premiums rates at a four decade low.  Added to that, the insurance sector is seeing decade high profits.

So why the need for reform?  Greed.  More than 2/3 of states in the US have reduced worker benefits or made legitimate benefits more difficult to attain.  The new rules have sent millions across America into a spiral of debt, poverty, and a fight for their very health.  Some states like Tennessee are considering allowing your employer to do away with workers' compensation coverage all together. 

The bottom line:  Record profits and low premiums aren't enough and the only way to squeeze more value is to take it out of the very blood and living dignity of our American workforce.  Reductions in disability, and arbitrary denial of legitimate medical treatment are now routine in the name of profit.  In state after state, we are finding that workers who once handled routine claims on their own are needing assistance just to make the insurance companies follow the law. 

This is no longer the workers' compensation system of even the recent past.  If you are hurt, you owe it to yourself and your family to get help from a legal professionals.

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